Saturday, 4 September 2010

Drugs doing more harm than good

This is a subject I feel very strongly about and this book confirms my worst fears about drugs to treat the mentally ill.


  1. William, I wanted to post under masons and the Goddess, but couldnt, so here I am.

    >>> "Does it mean that the founders of Washington were worshippers of the ancient Great Mother?"

    In my wide opinion I think NOT! When the patriarchal invaders ravaged and raped the land of all her Goddess cultures and sacred shrines, they WELL knew the power of the Creatrix. It does NOT take a rocket scientist to realize that Life springs forth from Women and NOT men. The maledom invaders WELL knew the power of the Sacred Feminine which was the reason they wanted Her destroyed, or even better ... under their male control. Being might is right males, they wanted all the ammunition they could get and why not use the ultimate source of LIFE... the Goddess?

    And so they did. They did however try to disguise, blaspheme, demonize Her in anyway they could. Power hunger is all patriarchy knows. Ofcourse they would use the Sacred Giver of Life in anyway they could in effort of serving their own competitive SELFserving natures.

    To the masses, as they did with all sources of Wisdom, they deemed the Goddess evil... while they used all the old ancient wisdoms for themselves. Astrology is the easiest example to indicate this. The masses are brainwashed to believe it is that stupid newspaper crap, while anyone with a brain knows kings and presidents have been using Astrology forever.

    Do not for one second think that masonic boyzclubs honour the Sacred Mother when they USE HER in their secret religions. That is the keyword...USE, just as patriarchy USES everything and anything in its evil pursuit of power.

  2. If you can move my comment to the correct blog William, I would appreciate it.

  3. I have changed the settings on the first two chapters of my Freemasonry Blog so you should be able to post on it if you want to.