Monday, 27 September 2010

Mind Power claims by Russian scientist

I agree with this, i have come to the conclusion that our illnesses and depressions or our health and happiness is caused directly from the habitual thoughts we all have.  I have personally discovered that if we change our habitual thoughts we change our lives.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A positive message for women

This web-site gives a very positive message and at last women are coming together in the spirit of, "The Sisterhood is powerful".

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Views on the World's problems

This is a comment i made on Facebook and decided to reproduce it here. -

Enlightenment is the key, to our human difficulties, if every one became enlightened then we wouldn't have any problems. The problem is that it seem only a minority of people actually want to search for this.

I believe that the root of all our problems is that the Great Mother in her wisdom gave us all the gift of freewill.  So we all have the freewill to guided and helped by the Great Mother or we all have the freewill to defy her and turn our backs on Her. Most of us have chosen to either to turn our backs on her to go our own way, or have done so because we have been deceived into worshiping false male gods.

As I have written in my book, Gospel of the Goddess, with my co-author Pamela Suffield.  When we turned our backs on the Great Mother and went our own way to find ourselves, it was men who led the way, this is why we have a patriarchal society.  We done this to find our own individuality.  But when we collectively want to return to the love, peace and harmony of the Great Mother it will be women who will lead the way. (This is also explained in the New Testament in the story of the Prodigal Son.)

The masculine gives us individuality, but also separation, and it is extreme form gives us, conflict, hatred, violence and chaos. A world of only men would quickly destroy themselves.  The feminine gives us love and nurturing, and it is extreme form gives us Oneness where all individuality disappears.  So enlightenment is about bringing together these two forces within ourselves.

All of us know about the conflict and chaos of a world ruled by the masculine, living in a patriarchal world. To further our education we then need to experience the love and harmony of a world ruled by women.  So that we can live as individuals in a loving and caring world.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Why can't we live in a loving world?

We know that men can be loving people, or they can be vicious killers and torturers. So it would make sense to teach boys from an early age how to love and not teach them how to hate and fear others. So the mystery is, why do we not do this? If we truly want to live in a loving and caring world, then it would make a lot of sense to teach boys from an early age how to love and care for others, instead of teaching boys how to be tough macho men, and to fear and hate others.

Patriarchy teaches boys how to hate and fear others as it makes it a lot easier to train them to kill as soldiers when they fight in wars. So the whole of society has to suffer so men can be easy trained to be ‘good’ soldiers.

This is why we need women to rule our world. Women do not have the same interest is wars as what men do, and it makes far more sense to women to teach boys from an early age to be loving and caring human beings.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Women Still pushing ahead

Women are outperforming men in recent years in education, but the pay gap between men and women has remained high. But this is starting to change as we see in this recent article.-