Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The End Of Men

Very good article on how women are being empowered in recent years. There are a lot of comments on this article as well.


  1. Thankyou brooklynboy3 for your brilliant comment. You are obviously not enslaved by male ego, and therefore able to have clear and unbiased vision.

    I would also like to add to your observations, that so many groups(past or present)that have a shady scary image, and/or are notorious for violence, are made up of predominately males.

    These groups include pirates, guerillas, mafia, druglords, diamond and gold dealers, burglars, mauraders, rapists, terrorists, inquisitors, torturers, mafia connected bikers, etc. This list does NOT include those elite boysclubs that brainwash the masses and hold the general public hostage with their money/finance games.

    Can anyone name me a group, past or present, that ravaged the land, slaughtered the people that is made up of females?

  2. Very well written comment Sierra, perhaps you should start your own blog and give out opinions.